Tough Hard drive By Toshiba


If you’re looking for a rugged hard drive, which can work out for your personal or business use day and night, the wait is over! Toshiba announced today,  2.5 inch SATA HDD with a capacity of 80GB and 100GB. It is designed for ‘rugged operating environments’.

Toshiba states that MK1060GSCX, 100 GB hard drive can be used 24 hours. It is mainly targeted for computing, industrial and other non-conventional environments. A great idea for rugged computers used in industries, or banks (ATMs) etc. image

MK1060GSCX, can work in temperatures ranging from –15 to 70 degrees Celsius. This hard drive surely becomes the first one to gain that great capacity. Toshiba further stated in the press release on their website that this hard drive offers expanded operating altitude range and good resistance towards vibrations and shocks.

These tough drives come in two models , 100 GB with 12ms seek time and 80GB  with 16ms seek time, spinning at 4200 rpm. The production for these hard drives will begin in December this year. Yet there is no word on the price from the big manufacturer.

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source: Crunch gear

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