Track Location / Remote Lock / Wipe Out Your Samsung Galaxy Device


Smartphones contain a lot of important personal information which cannot be compromised. Number of new apps have appeared in Google Play Market (free or paid) which offer location tracking, remote lock and wipe out the device. Galaxy series by Samsung in market has lashed with tons of device within consumers. Be it the Galaxy S series or Galaxy Tabs, they have made their mark in Global market.

Samsung Dive is a service launched by Samsung, which gives user control over their device in a very secure way. User can remotely wipe out their device, track location, lock device, turn on the ringer, view call logs and unlock the screen. Access to these controls is gained via Samsung Dive web portal. The whole process involves a secure registration process with Samsung.image

Create a new account on your device by navigating to Menu > Settings > Accounts and Sync > Add Account > Samsung Account. (Assuming, you are logged into your device via Google account). Create a Samsung Account. Next step involves activating Remote Controls. Enable Remote Controls by navigating to Settings > Location and Security > Remote Controls. Samsung recommends to set screen lock to make sure that no one else disables the remote feature.

Logon to and enter your Samsung Account credentials. From here you can set Remote Controls for the device. Users can track lost device with the first option ‘Track My Mobile’. Set the device to ring for 1 minute at the highest volume regardless of device profiles. Retrieving call logs, call and message forwarding are some added features. Wiping out device based on removable storage, memory and SIM Card does come in handy. Samsung users can also factory reset the device remotely.

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Overall a very neat concept which comes pre-loaded on almost all Galaxy devices. Just create an account and remotely get control over your device if its lost or stolen.

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