Track Your Sleep With Sleep As An Droid Free Android App

A number of people around us face various issues regarding getting up at right time with a fresh mind and healthy body.  Especially for those who place their alarm clock at a distance to avoid the snooze bangs. Meet Sleep as an Droid Android app that solves this problem – not for stubborn people, but for people who give a damn to alarm :P.

Apart from an alarm clock and sleep tracker, it has a number of featuers that make it different from others and make it worth looking. Most attractive and useful featured is the sleep tracker: before going to bed each night, you can put the app into a mode that reads from your phone’s gyroscope. You’ll then lay your phone on your mattress and can go to dream land. It will note down your all movements in the night and will start plotting graphs of it, so that you can see the times of inactive movements opposed to active movements the inactive movement are referred as deep sleep.

You can even measure your sound sleep hours by this and see the comparisons across a span of time you didn’t sleep healthy. If you have an alarm set, the app will also notify you when it’s time to go to bed in order to get those 8 hours you’ve been longing. An ideal sleep range can be set (measured in hours) within the menu so the app can tell you your cumulative sleep time.

This app has soothing sounds to wake up to, that can fade in gradually. You can also set music on your SD card as a wake-up call. It wakes you gently in light sleep for pleasant mornings.

Download this App from HERE .

[via: LifeHacker]

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