Turn Code Into Awesome Images With Ray.so

Need to beautify code and turn it into a nice looking image? We have got an amazing tool to share with our readers. Ray.so, a tool developed by Raycast team allows user to turn code into awesome images. It is completely free and allows you to share code in an awesome way with anyone, everyone. App is simplified and very easy to use.

You can select background color from some predefined options, enable dark mode, set padding and language syntax selection. Also there are tons of syntax options available (so highly likely you will find yours). The app also supports keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks such as focus text editor, change colors, toggle background, toggle dark mode, change padding, select language, pick random theme and save image.

Download the desired result as a PNG image file and use it in documentation, presentations, blogs etc. Export options such as copy to clipboard – are expected to be available in upcoming updates. This is a must have for every developer looking to beautify code and make it more presentable. Share and leave a comment if you enjoyed this post.

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