Friday, April 10, 2020

Windows 7 Tips & Tricks Guide From Microsoft

Windows 7 being one of the most popular operating system released globally. And as we covered before in an article that around 240 million licenses were sold in the first year by Microsoft.

In this article we will share some interesting tips and tricks that will help you improve the over all productivity of Windows 7. This zip includes  some pdf files with useful tips which include:

1. Shuffling through program windows.
2. Managing your windows
3. Project your display with ease
4. Multi-monitor window management
5. Aero Peek your desktop
6. Live Clutter free
7. Help the help desk help you
8. Put a Pin Up of the folders you use the most
9. Double-up your windows
10. Clear crisp display, its in your control
11. Order and reason for your taskbar
12. Taskbar traversing
13. Bit-locker to go protection
14. Personal help desk
15. Change the scenery
16. Crunch the numbers
17. Smart Printing
18. Shake it up
19. Clean your desktop
20. Right-Click mania
21. Unveil your hidden drives
and more.

download official Windows 7 Tips & Tricks

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