Windows Phone 7 Apps Online Market Place


Microsoft hasn’t launched any Windows Phone 7 market place as of yet. The only way to browse apps available in the WP7 market is by downloading and installing Zune. Well, finally the wait is over. AppsFuze, is a dedicated online market place for Windows Phone 7.

imageWith AppsFuze, browse the WP7 market place online, browse through all the available applications, games, news and wallpapers. Plus you get a direct link to download via your Zune desktop as well. Once you click any application while browsing through categories, it gives out a detailed description of the app, with a download link directing it to Zune. Users can tweet and share via Facebook.

Category, average rating, user rating count, version, author, screen shots and reviews by users are some key added simple features just like other platform market places.It would become even simpler and easier for user, if WP7 marketplace could be enhanced with a barcode technology, just like QR codes in Android.

Worst comes to worst, we finally have a Windows Phone 7 online Market Place. Wake up Microsoft?!

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