Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Please read this carefully before reviewing any of the WT web content.

You can do the following with WT content:

1. Reproduce, alter original WT material as long as proper credit is given to reproduce quotes, usage of screen shots and others.

2. We currently provide two feeds, Web RSS and Comments RSS. Both are ad-free. Do not modify it by any terms. Feeds are only intended for personal use. Do not reproduce them in any way for advertisements or any other promotional content. WT reserves the right to terminate its distribution of the RSS feeds or change the content without any further notice.

3. Web Syndication is allowed provided internal links on WT content are not removed. WT credit should be present on each and every page displaying WT content. Content, text and other must not be modified.

4. Any sort of correspondence and/or submission of content including text and images is considered WT’s property. WT holds the right to reproduce such content. When submitting something to us, it is certainly represented that the content provided is yours, and it doesn’t infringe on any third party rights including copyrights, privacy rights and others.

5. The comments section on WT is accessible by everyone, yet an approval is needed by the editors on WT before the comment is posted. In order to make comments useful, productive and interesting users must not post threatening, harassing or any sort, must not make false statements, must not sell or buy any service or product, must not post material infringing copyrights and privacy rights, must not post confidential information, and  must keep all comments relevant.

6. WT contains links to third party external websites. We do not guarantee or endorse information or products available on such third party sites. WT does not control and has no responsibility on such external websites. WT visitors have complete risk and responsibility by using any of those third party external sites.

7a. Cookie, being a data file found in the browser, allows WT to recognize its user, each time a visit is done. Cookies do-not contain any kind of personal information (name, dob, credit info, etc..). WT does not use any sort of cookies to collect information from its users. We do not guarantee security of any data and information being transmitted on WT by its users. Users shall be responsible completely for any kind of shared information (personal or otherwise).  Third party websites, which might be accessible via WT have sole data and privacy acts. They can be found on each websites policy page. We would not claim any liability for their policies and actions.

7b. Google Adsense being the third party publishing ads on WT, might be placing cookies and reading them on your browser. Moreover, it might be using web beacons to collect information as a result of published ads. Google uses DoubleClick DART cookie while displaying Adsense content ads. Visitors can opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google advertising policies.