Zipcar App – Must Have iPhone App For Zipcar Users

Gone are the days of going to a car rental and asking them for new promotions so I can drive and not break my back. Grocery shopping or move out, maybe you want luxury at affordable price I have the perfect solution for you. Zipcar has revolutionized the car rental. It literally takes 5 minutes to complete there online registeration at Pay a registeration fee and your “zip card” comes in mail the same week. Download there app from the AppStore for iPhone and you are set to go.

Zipcar App - Must Have iPhone App For Zipcar UsersZipcar has enough locations in and around Toronto alone that there is bound to be a zipcar parked near you whereever you might be in the city. There is no conventional store but just zipcars parked in the parking lots. Alot of there locations are conveniently located besides the subway stations.

Now whenever you need a car for a day to even half an hour you can do it with a few taps and start driving.  You have a choice to drive from 6 dollar an hour for a compact to 19 dollar luxury automobiles. At your booking time just place the Zipcard on the card reader placed on the windshield of your car and it authenticates your booking from zipcar servers- You zipcar unlocks instantly. The keys are already in the car along with a credit card for filling up gas so you are always on the road during your booking time. The car is fully insured and usually comes with an auxilliary for music lovers. I have been using zipcar for almost a year now and have never had any problems. No more dealing with a sales man. You chose the car, at your own time.

If you want to rent a car asap then you can also pick up your zipcard at there office locatios. Visit for more info.

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