Zombies vs Catgirls Is Another Cool 3D Game For Android

Every game released with Unity Android is highly awaited and noticeable by users. Zombie vs. Catgirls is one of the many games by Unity, available for preview only at the moment. You will have to wait till the final game to release.

Zoombie 3D Game

Zombie vs. Catgirls runs on Android version 2.2 and higher. This is an action game and in which you have to save the Catgirls from the zombies. Simply tap on zombies to shoot them and rescue the catgirls by running into them. Tilt the phone to look around and use the touchpad on the lower left side of the screen to move around. Though this is another free Android game for you but it very much interesting and occupying. Right at the moment this game by Unity is in 1.3 version available for you guys. The final version of it may shock you with the amazing gaming features.




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