10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android

Say bye-bye to cable TV and Hola to video streaming, here are our top ten picks for the best video streaming apps for Android!

Top 10 Video Streaming Apps for Android

Video streaming is all the rage these days with both young and older demographic abandoning traditional cable TV in favor of highly accessible video streaming services and apps. While Netflix is famous for starting this revolution of video viewing, there are a lot of great streaming apps on the horizon.

Here we have compiled a list of the top ten video streaming apps for Android. One important thing to consider is that streaming services are often available region-wise. So on the off-chance that your region does not have any of the listed services available, please check out the others. We apologize if our recommendations include a service or app that isn’t available in your area.


netflix video streaming app

Netflix is one of the most used video streaming platforms worldwide. It is available in almost all countries and is compatible with 4K, smartTV, Miracast, game consoles, Dolby Vision, and HDR10. Thus, You can stream videos on mobile phones, laptops, tabs, and smart TVs.

Netflix offers a variety of entertainment options with its thrilling and touching drama series, movies, anime, and documentaries. Most shows on Netflix are top rated and its original ones are also as popular. Netflix comes with a 30-day trial and then it is up to you to buy the subscription. It also allows you to download the video and restrict the content for kids.

Amazon Prime Video

10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android

The versatile Amazon Prime Video is a global video streaming app. Amazon prime also includes services like 2-day shipping, music streaming, and cloud services are also included in it.  It offers movies, TV shows, and sports in different languages, with different video quality settings, and multiple audio options.

 In addition, all the videos are organized based on language, genre, rating, and country. It has official rights of streaming videos from big production houses and sports channels. Other services include saving the show offline, information about the cast, synopsis, and songs, regular movie and TV show updates, streaming local content, and the first episode for free.


10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android

Crunchyroll is a video streaming app for east Asian content like anime, manga, and music shows. It is the largest anime streaming platform as it has joined Funimation and VRV. its free version is supported by ads while you can enjoy a paid version with no ads. 

Crunchyroll is a legal website that includes almost all the anime and manga such as Attack on Titan, Fruit Basket, Horimiya, Naruto, and even Death note. You can watch your favorite anime in dubbed or subbed versions in HD quality with no disturbance. Thus, it is the best video streaming app for anime enthusiasts.


10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android

Disney+ is one of the top video services that offer high-quality content. It has premium movies and series from different studios including Fox, Disney, and Pixar. In addition, you can also watch national geography content here. This amazing video streaming app has it all from original series and classic movies to TV shows and cartoons.

If you are a person who loved Disney as a child, this app is for you. Kids’ shows, cartoons, the latest Disney movies, star wars, marvel series, and many more shows are available on disney+. Disney+ can serve as a less expansive alternative to Netflix.


10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android

Hulu is an HD video app that offers free as well as paid online video streaming services. The free version has 150 plus movies and shows while the paid version has unlimited videos. It includes shows like exclusive seasons, Hulu original content, kids-friendly videos, top-rated movies, ongoing TV shows, sports videos,  old movies and TV series, live streaming videos, and the latest media updates.

The videos on Hulu are HD quality with premium services having no ads. Hulu includes. Additionally, it has 50 channels while more can be accessed with extra money. It comes with a free trial and the subscription price varies according to the package.


10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android

Twitch is the most used video streaming app by gamers. As it is made specifically for gaming. It is suitable for android, IOS, X-box, PC, video game consoles, and PlayStation. In addition, you get the free latest games every month and can also use them as a source of earnings. However, It does not allow streaming of 18+ games thus, parents can rest assured as their kids use twitch.

You can play your favorite games, listen to gaming-related announcements, take part in official competitions, hold live streaming of your game, and interact with other pro gamers. Its theatre mode allows you to play games or watch creative content without disturbance.


10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android

We are all aware of Youtube. YouTube is the most favoured video streaming app. The variety of Youtube content is making it rise to the top. It has movies, trailers, tutorials, documentaries, informative videos, anime, real-life stories, awareness videos, music, and every genre you can think of. The content here is also in many languages including English, Urdu, Spanish, Turkish, French, or German.

It has Youtube Kids, Youtube gaming, and Youtube premium in addition to Youtube Original. Youtube shorts are also gaining popularity now. Moreover, it is one of the most user-friendly and easily accessible video streaming platforms.


10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android

Vidmate is a Chinese application that allows you to download and stream content from other social media and video streaming apps like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok. If you are looking for hassle-free online downloads, Vidmate is your saviour. It supports more than 1000 websites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Vine and it serves as the ultimate video downloader.

Some interesting features of Vidmate include categorizing the content, multiple formats like mp3 or mp4, different quality options like SD and HD, and allowing you to find the content easily. Thus, it allows its users to save the videos in their gallery and watch them when they have no internet access.


10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android

HBO Now is the video streaming app for HBO lovers. It allows you to access HBO shows, thrilling movies, interesting drama series, informative documentaries, talk shows, news, and humorous comedy sessions on your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Once you log in to one device, you can access HBO now on any other device.

HBO now has content in various genres including action, thrill, horror, romance, comedy, and fantasy. There is a huge collection of movies of all the time with no ads on HBO now. Moreover, it is updated regularly to present you with the latest content.

Tubi TV

10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android

Tubi TV is a legal, free, fast-streaming, and user-friendly video streaming app that is used to watch drama series, kids’ shows, Korean dramas, anime, Hollywood movies, and British programs. There is unlimited content in several genres on Tubi TV. it can be easily downloaded from Playstore and provides high-quality videos.

Tubi TV can be accessed on any device like a phone, PC, or smart Tv. It is updated every Friday and allows you to mark the videos to watch later and resume the videos you left watching as well. Thus, Tubi TV is a reliable video streaming app to watch high-quality content for free.

The Wrap-Up

Video streaming services outperform cable TV when it comes to 4K, HDR, and other upcoming video technology. This is why it has gained rapid popularity among users leading to the downfall of cable TV. Hope you found your favorite streaming service in our top ten picks. If you liked our list of video streaming apps have a look at our list of the best music players for Android as well. Did we miss a great video streaming app? Or did our list help you find a great new one? Let us know in the comments below!

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