Create Social Images For Any Platform With Snappa


There are various online custom social media banner creation tools available in market. Some get a bit complex and complicated in terms of user experience. In this article, we proudly share Snappa. It’s an addition to our growing web apps lists. It allows user to create and export professional social images in under a minute. Yes that quick!. App has interesting features that definitely make it stand out within its domain.

Not long ago, we reviewed It gives users templates for specific social platforms and sizes. Snappa being the editor app – gives user the required template settings as a selection criteria. These include Facebook cover photo, event photo, carousel ad, link ad, posts and links, Instagram posts and story, LinkedIn post, Twitter post, Pinterest Pin, YouTube thumbnail, channel art, end screen, twitch panel, cover image and offline banner, and a lot more. Moving on to the review of Snappa.

Snappa, a professional tool that allows users (professional or starter) to create graphics for social media, blogging, and advertising. Advanced features offering lets user create professional banners for any platform. These include adding text to photo, background remover, image blur, image crop and flip, image resize and rotate, photo editor and adding speech bubbles. It is super easy to use and comes with a lot of templates and visual assets to get your started.

After sign up, an introductory video will be presented as a walk through wizard. It helps any level of user get started and familiarized with Snappa. The landing page of the app is ‘to the point’. You can quickly create a custom graphic size by defining width and height. Or simply pick from available templates with pre-defined dimensions for different platforms. Templates are categorized for social media posts, blogging and infographics, headers, banners, profile pages and social display ads. For a social media team – this is a a good package and will save lots of time.

After selecting the specific size from categories, you can visually see featured templates. Select a template and editor will launch (you can always skip this by just defining a width and height – and launching the editor directly). The editor is very smooth and actions are seamless. The graphics do give out a vector feel – which is always a big plus. Add backgrounds as photo, pattern, color or upload your own and apply effects to them.

Next up – you can add three types of text: heading, subheading and body text. All of them give same configuration options. Import custom fonts buy adding a font in text options. If the upload is successful – it will be visible in fonts list. Add graphics to your design of all sorts including icons, vectors, photos and uploading your own. Quick editor tools include undo, redo, delete, grid, snap to grid, save, share and download. As each item is identified as a layer – they can be moved up and down as needed. This comes handy as a quick web app editor control.

In terms of export – download web optimized JPG, high-res PNG, Retina JPG and Retina PNG. All available downloads can be with or without transparent background. Make sure to save graphic as you go by – as the app currently doesn’t have auto save (as per the runs we did).

Free version gives you access to 6000+ templates, stock photos & graphics and 3 downloads per month. Pro version, kicks it up by offering unlimited downloads, social integrations, and custom font uploads. Snappa has a great knowledge base for starters. Above all, it includes videos, documentation around usage and FAQs. The way Snappa is evolving, users should expect decent updates in terms of new features and enhancements. Snappa is definitely a promising tool in its space. Do leave a comment if you have tried it already.

Create Animated 3D Shapes For UI Projects and Backgrounds


In this post, we are sharing Loops package. What is Loops? It provides designers and developers 4k high quality renders of animated 3D abstract shapes with colors. Loops package includes looped videos, static images and editable files for Blender and Figma. To see Loops in action explore the live site. Seamless animation of 3D shapes with infinite loops can be visually seen. Types of shapes include flying balls, tunnel, metaball, and blobs.

Available compositions which can be used in projects are center, background image, right side feature text, header text over, left side feature text, big type is good and split screen mode. Good utilization examples would be promotional sites and backgrounds for landing pages, portfolios, presentations, social media, and app development.
example of Loops animated shape.

To try out – download the free version. Design assets in the package are well optimized for web. Package includes single looped video, looped video with transparent background, clay color, 3840 x 2160 resolution and is 30 FPS. Available formats include Figma, MP4, MOV, PNG, JPG and Blender. Paid version is $48 and it includes 29 looped video, and 42 static backgrounds compared to 1 in free version. This would be worth a try for your upcoming UI project or that fancy hero banner you need to design for single page application project.

Access Loops

SocialSizes – Find Correct Image / Video Size For Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch and More


Getting hard for you to keep up with changing image and video sizes of social platforms, meet A one stop app to find image and video sizes for different social media platforms. This makes the quickest way to find the right size for your media assets. Support platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitch, Whatsapp, AppStore, TikTok, ProductHunt, Vk and Playstore.

Once you land on the site, select the required platform i.e. Facebook. It will scroll to Facebook section which will present all available download files and the last updated date. Available downloads will include templates for Sketch, Figma, XD, Photoshop and Illustrator. Other associated details which might be unique to each platform is also visible. For example, for YouTube you will need a profile picture, cover photo, video thumbnails, and video watermark.

Lastly if you would like to simply download everything from all social media networks in one file – that can be done by selecting the first option ‘All’. Image sizes don’t change often but when they do – it gets tricky to keep up to date. Last Update feature comes handy and you can also subscribe to find out as changes occur. A win win either way!. also offers a free social media image maker. Give it a try.

Turn Code Into Awesome Images With


Need to beautify code and turn it into a nice looking image? We have got an amazing tool to share with our readers., a tool developed by Raycast team allows user to turn code into awesome images. It is completely free and allows you to share code in an awesome way with anyone, everyone. App is simplified and very easy to use.

You can select background color from some predefined options, enable dark mode, set padding and language syntax selection. Also there are tons of syntax options available (so highly likely you will find yours). The app also supports keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks such as focus text editor, change colors, toggle background, toggle dark mode, change padding, select language, pick random theme and save image.

Download the desired result as a PNG image file and use it in documentation, presentations, blogs etc. Export options such as copy to clipboard – are expected to be available in upcoming updates. This is a must have for every developer looking to beautify code and make it more presentable. Share and leave a comment if you enjoyed this post.


Create SVG / PNG Background And Assets With Haikei Generator


Looking for a tool to create unique SVG assets for your design projects?. Say hello to Haikei. Haikei is a web based tool which allows you to generate awesome designs and export them as SVG or PNG. Generate neat design assets and utilize them for apps, social media, wallpapers etc. Haikei offers a number of generators and each one of them has a unique set of properties.

Create Blob background by defining a canvas, variant style and position. Add color, define shape complexity, contrast and size. There you go!. Generated Blob background can be used for any project. Other types of background generators include Wave, Blurry Gradient, Circle Scatter, Blob Scene, Layered Waves, Stacked Waves, Blob Scatter, Low Poly Grid, Layered Peaks, Stacked Peaks, Polygon Scatter, Layered Steps, Stacked Steps and Symbol Scatter.

The list is quite big in terms of what type of generator you are looking for. Haikei app is intuitive and very easy to use. You can easily navigate through different generators using the menu on left. Currently there is a free plan which offers access to 15 generators, export to SVG and PNG, unlimited downloads and 9 basic canvas templates.

A pro plan is expected to launch soon containing additional features such as advanced generator functions, advanced color options, export as code snippets, unlimited high resolution downloads and 40+ canvas templates. We highly recommend Haikei Generators and has made it to our list. Let us know if this worked well for you or a better alternate you are using. Thanks for reading.

Access Haikei Generators

Free Tools To Generate Gradient, CSS Patterns, Blob and Doodle Background


Background creation and generation has reached new heights in CSS design world. Designers and developers alike are doing experiments with new frameworks and coming up with great things. Different types and layouts of backgrounds are being created including gradient, patterns, blobs and doodle backgrounds. Some enthusiastic designers might be aware about MagicPattern. It was a product which started off as a simplified geometric pattern generator. As of now, the product has evolved into a toolbox with free and paid tools. These simple tools are targeted for designers, illustrators, front end developers, and social media marketers. In this article, we are highlighting free toolsets available at MagicPattern.

Gradient Generator

Gradient generator allows you to create linear, radial or conic gradients. Define the angle and ‘smoothen’ the generated gradient. Export the generated gradient as a PNG, JPG or SVG with defined quality. Or simply copy the CSS code for the gradient.

CSS Patterns

Generate quick CSS patterns to utilize as backgrounds using this tool. Set the back and front color, configure opacity and add some spacing. Yes, its that simple. You can review different patterns (lines, boxes, diagonal etc.) as you make changes. Preview the pattern on the page and copy the generated CSS code.

Blob Generator

Create a blob background with Blob Generator. You can define blob fill as a solid color, outline, linear gradient, radial gradient and image. Add a little grain to spice things up and export as an image or CSS code. Finally, export generated blob as an image or grab the CSS code and use that that instead.

Doodle Background

Create free Doodle background using this MagicPattern generator. You can define a color (with tints and shades), customize the edges and smoothness and add grain as needed. Doodle backgrounds can be exported as images (PNG, JPG, SVG) only.

Finally, some of these tools or one of these – might find its way to your bookmark list. Do let us know if there are any other better alternates in similar categories. Other great paid tool offerings include Geometric Patterns, Seamless Patterns, Mesh Gradients, and more. Head over to MagicPattern to find more about these design toolsets.

Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Designers


As a designer, one is always looking for useful ways to enhance and make the work more productive. This addition allows us to improve our process and end solution. In this article, we are sharing some useful Google Chrome extensions – which can effectively be utilized by designers. Why Google Chrome? Google Chrome has a huge usage share among all web browsers. Such massive usage contributes to a lot of development on top of browser such as extensions and themes (available in the Chrome Web Store). Here is a list of some best – must have Google Chrome extensions for designers.

goCast screen recording

As a designer, you will need some kind of quick screen recording option. This would be good in raising bugs to the development team about a visual issue or recording some demo etc. goCast is completely free. It allows user to capture video directly from the tab. Other options include capturing desktop video, whole or a specific window and capture webcam only. You will definitely want to keep the recordings short in order to use less resources to render the videos.

Window Resizer

Resizing window and trying out different resolutions becomes a consistent and never ending task. Window Resizer extension can make the whole resolution driving process smoother. It allows you to resize the browser window to emulate various screen resolutions (i.e. iPhone 11 screen, and a Pixel 4 screen). Easily test your layouts by using different browser resolutions directly from the tab. You can define your own list as its fully customizable. Easy to say, Window Resizer is a must have extension for all designers and developers.


Vidyard is another screen recording extension which is quite popular on Chrome. You can record and share videos using the extension. Vidyard allows on-screen drawing while recording or addition of speaking notes. You can publish the video of the platform, share and get some stats around who watched the video.

Fonts Ninja

As a part of discovery work – a designer might need to identify fonts. Fonts Ninja – allows user to quickly identify fonts from any website, try them and even purchase them. After enabling the extension, you can hover over an item and see details about the font. Information such as font variation, availability and price is also available in details. You can bookmark fonts, and manage them right from the extension.


This extension allows you to quickly preview and download SVG assets from website. It’s an open source tool and is free. A designer might hit instances where he/she might want to grab something from a website (logo, icon, graphic etc). This extension would be good to have if in such need.

CSS Peeper

CSS Peeper allows users to extract CSS and build beautiful style guides to consume. It gets nasty when things keep changing in iterative manner and design guides are not updated. Digging into code becomes a tricky exercise. CSS Peeper is a CSS viewer tailored for designers. You can easily find out the line-height or font on the web page using this extension. Saves a lot of time!.

Page Ruler Redux

Being a designer, it needs a lot of effort to get pixel perfect dimensions and positioning. Add Page Ruler Redux to your extension list. It allows you to get those pixel perfect measurements of any web element. You can easily resize the ruler by dragging by mouse or using arrow keys. This extension is free and a must have for designers and developers a like.


ColorZilla is a must have for designers. It has millions of users and is an advanced eyedropper, color picker and gradient generator. You can get a color assessment from any point in your browser. The extension has neat features such as CSS gradient generator, web page color analyzer, and picking colors at any zoom level.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

We need dummy text and Lorem Ipsum comes to rescue. There are tons of free online generators but a Chrome extension is good to have. You can quickly create default dummy text by configuring number of paragraphs to be generated. This is a must have for designers, and developers alike.

Design Hunt

Give yourself that quick dose of viewing some refreshing collections of new products and inspirations with Design Hunt. This extension works in a way that once you open a new tab, a feed of current top curated inspiration pieces from Design Hunt will be present.

Muzli 2

Muzil 2 is similar in nature to Design Hunt and works the same way as well. It’s just a different source which presents you those daily inspirations and creative ideas.

Screenshot Easy

Last but not least, one of our recommended ones – Screenshot easy. You can take screenshots in the easiest possible way. Its a very simple extension and allows full page screenshots or visible part of screen. You can edit screenshot, copy to clipboard or download.

Thank you for going through our recommended list, and do leave a comment if we have missed out one that you use. Enjoy!.

5 Free File Archive Manager / Extractor Tools For Windows

Good file archiving utility will be simple to use and it will also make compressing / extracting file archives easier. Windows comes with built-in archiving tool. User can access it by right clicking on a file / folder and selecting send to – compressed folder. It is limited because of the support for compressed file format and other fun things alternative tools can do (repairing damaged archives, encryptions etc.). If you are looking for an alternative to this built-in utility, there are many options available. A while back, we reviewed some of the best free archive manager for Windows. In this updated post, we will look at some other free alternatives which will make compression and extraction of archives a lot easier.


7-Zip is a free, open-source utility. The UI is that impressive but don’t go for the looks – it is well designed and will let you compress/ extractor any file. 7-zip has its only 7z format which works for high compression files. Users can encrypt packaged files by applying a password making archive files secure for sharing. Large volumes are broken down into smaller archives which makes it easier for sharing. 7-Zip has integration with Windows Shell and has localization for more than 85 languages.


PeaZip is another free file archiver utility based on a lot of open source technologies. Users can open and extract up to 200+ archive formats. Similar to other utilities, PeaZip also has its own format called PEA. PEA prioritized security of files over anything (including compression). It can also repair damaged archives which is a feature not available in other such utilities. PeaZip is available for 32bit and 64bit systems.

B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver is completely free utility and is available for all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android). The tool is simple, fast and supports most popular formats. Users can extract split and password protect archives. The tool has a simple UI and is last than 1MB in size. also has an online archiver which allows user to select an archive from computer and extract it.


jZip is another free WinZip alternative which is based on 7-Zip technology. Users can create compressed files and extract them. It supports a lot of file formats including TAR, GZip and RAR. jZip has fast compression engine producing improved compression ratio. Core difference between jZip and 7-Zip is user interface. jZip is way simplified and uses the sample underlying compression engine. jZip development team has an enhanced pro version in progress and would be released soon.


PowerArchiver is a powerful archiving utility for Windows. It offers a lot of different paid versions for different industries and integrations for tools (such as Microsoft Office). The utility comes packed with different tools in a single application. It offers a lot more than simple extraction and compression. It supports over 60 compressed formats and has a built-in encryption suite. The encryption suite allows user to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify various AES and OpenPGP formats.

There are a lot more out there in market, both free and paid. Do leave a comment and let us know if we have missed a stable, and secure Windows extraction / compression utility.

Make Legacy Microsoft Windows 95 WordArt For Free


From those of us – who have worked on Windows system in the 90’s and early 2000s do recall Word Art. Word Art, helped users create quick word art using styles. It was release on Windows 95 by Microsoft. During that WordArt peak, you will easily notice usage of Word Art on presentations, documents, reports and more. was developed by Mike Mcchillin to honor the legacy Windows WordArt feature. More so, a fan tribute which can be utilized in current design needs. There are 15 word styles available to choose from. App is super easy to use. Required style can be downloaded after selecting a style and adding text. Head to the web app to easily create word art.

On the fun side; the app has Windows 95 look and feel. The famous old Clippy introduces you to Word Art upon first landing. Click and hold, Clippy can be moved around the screen. Clicking the start button will repeat the same action again.

Access MakeWordArt

Please consider donating the creator as this app is completely free and has its infrastructure running costs.

Best Free Online Education Sites For Everyone


Learning has no age limit and Internet is full of educational resources. One just needs to know what to look for. A lot of web sites offer free and paid courses on world wide web. In this article, we will share some educational sites which offer free and paid course – and can be utilized by everyone (no age limit).


First one we would like to highlight is Coursera, a famous learning platform. It offers learning resources for university and college students. Learners can join for free and build skills be taking courses and getting certifications. Coursera offers online degrees from globally recognized universities . Business program are available towards learning solutions for enterprise and teams.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non profit organization which aims to provide free world-class education for anyone , everyone. Learning courses at the academy range from math for pre-k to 8th grade, high school and college math, science, computing, arts & humanities, economics and life skills. Khan Academy has partnered with post secondary schools which helps them curate necessary courses and learning material for the internet.


Udemy is a great source of learning for anyone. Users can find educational courses around variety of topics and purchase them. Udemy portal is user friendly and does contain a lot of free courses. Teachers and subject matter experts can become instructors on the portal. There are hundreds of instructors from around the world which offer courses and teach at Udemy. Find courses around design, development, marketing, IT & software, personal development, business, photography and the list goes on.

Stanford Online

Free courses listing on Stanford University live portal have a lot to offer. There are variety of topics including AI, arts, business management, computer science, data science, and engineering. Learners can have flexibility with the availability of self-paced courses. Stanford portal is a great resource for free courses.

MIT OpenCourseWare

Similar to Stanford and other universities, MIT offers free courses online. These courses are very in-depth. Course features include video lectures, interactive assessments, and assignments. Students can take undergraduate and graduate courses.


Codecademy is a platform to learn coding. Students can learn languages like Python, Javascript, Java, Go, and Swift. Code related subjects are offered here like web development, data science, and machine learning. Millions of learners utilize Codecademy to learn and enhance their skills. Well defined workflow gives this platform an edge over others.

Code promotes learning computer science at home. Courses at Code include application development, robotics and programming languages. They have a big audience of 50 million students and 1 million teachers. There are course offerings from grade K to 12 and beyond 12. Importantly, Brief Hour Of Code tutorials are available for quick learners.


Ted-Ed is a great resource for learning and is completely free. Students can jump in and explore a variety of subjects from arts, mathematics, design, technology and the list goes on. Lessons within courses include videos, articles and interactive animations. Ted-Ed is a great resource to learn about new topics.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain is a free educational tool for kids (pre to grade 8). There are games, reading and math zone options. There are a lot more game offerings in comparison to other categories. Games and reading options are visible on screen based on grade selection. Moreover, reading material can be purchased and downloaded.

GitHub Education

Technology and development enthusiasts are well aware about Git and Github. Github offers a free education portal for students. One can get access to GitHub student developer pack, campus experts, teacher toolbox, and campus programs.

In conclusion, there are tons more similar offering when it comes to oinline learning. Do comment out your favorite one. One can always utilize some of these learning portals to learn or enhance a new skill.

Featured Image by Tim Mossholder