6 Best SVG Generators For Designers

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, a graphic format popular in the design world (learn more about SVG at W3C). These files are used to make icons and other images in website designs. Because it is a vector file, it can be scaled up and down without losing its resolution, leading to wide use.

SVG Generators

SVG generators allow you to create graphics in SVG image format. The advantage of using SVG generators over hand-crafted graphics is that they can make them in milliseconds rather than hours.

Top SVG Generators to Use in 2022

We have compiled a list of some of the best SVG generator software the internet has to offer. Let’s talk about these web apps.

SVG Backgrounds

6 Best SVG Generators For Designers

If you want to create stunning SVG backgrounds for your website then SVGbackgrounds.com should be your first stop! The web app allows you to create beautiful websites easily with fullscreen graphics under 5KB. The site has a free and Pro versions both of which are highly useful. You can avail of up to 48 free-to-use SVG Backgrounds and use the app SVG tools to the full extent to modify them according to your liking. But if you need something more, the PRO version gives you access to a premium graphics library and toolbox that will help you design your website with ease.


6 Best SVG Generators For Designers

This website houses a large collection of free SVG tools. Fffuel offers SVG generators to create beautiful backgrounds, seamless patterns, textures, gradients, shapes, and blobs. You can use the generated SVG patterns directly on your website or in your favorite design app. With all of Fffuel’s SVG creation tools, you can easily customize your graphics so that the generated SVG files are unique and fit seamlessly into your design.


6 Best SVG Generators For Designers

WowPatterns is the first free pattern marketplace in the world, with more than 3000 designs created by enthusiastic designers. For both business and private use, every pattern is completely free. There are thousands of free vector patterns on Wowpatterns, based on shapes, organic shapes, and themes, including animals, cities, festivals, and florals.


6 Best SVG Generators For Designers

Haikei is an amazing web app for generating SVG designs in seconds. It is easy to use and you can try it for free. Even for designers who have never worked with SVG files before, using this SVG generator is simple. Simply enter the URL of the image or logo you want to turn into a vector graphic, and then select the size you want it to be. The free version offers you 15 generator tools, basic generator functions, and 9 basic canvas templates.

Shape Divider

6 Best SVG Generators For Designers

This web app allows you to create cool SVG shapes with ease. It offers premade SVG shapes that are not dynamic to the settings you use on the generator’s toolbar. Every Shape exported will be displayed as per its original design and is manipulated via the code you export with it and implement into your web build. Due to the flexibility of this online SVG generator, designers can use it to produce a wide range of visuals. This application is simple to use for novices, but it also contains enough capabilities for more seasoned users to find it enjoyable.

SVG Artista

6 Best SVG Generators For Designers

SVG Artista is a free SVG animation tool designed by Sergej Skrjanec and Ana Travas. It includes basic fill and stroke animations. With this web app, it is possible to define animation easing, animation direction, duration, and delay. Generated code can be minified, and it uses Autoprefixer by default.

The Wrap Up

There are countless SVG Generators available online, catering to every possible need of a designer. But finding the right ones isn’t easy. Hopefully, this list will help you pick the right one for your job. If we missed any of the good ones, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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