Convert YouTube Videos For Free To MP3 / MP4 And AVI With


Online video downloaders make it super easy to save the content and convert into a format of your choice (video or audio only). There are tons of video downloaders out there which will serve this purpose. If you are looking for something simple, fast and easy to use – is worth a try. – is a fancy yet fast and light-weight app to download online videos and convert them into MP3 and MP4 formats.

Free version allows you to download videos up to 1080p resolution. To do Full HD, 4k and 8k conversions, upgrade to plus version. Convert downloaded videos into MP4, WebM, 3GP and AVI formats. So it gives user a bit more flexibility in terms of content format. Audio-only version can be downloaded in bitrates up to 128 kbps (free version). Plus versions will give bitrates up to 192 kbps. Further conversions are available for MP3, AAC and Vorbis format.

The tool is super easy to user. Download, install, select video, select format and hit download. Youtube Downloader

Also Keeping in mind – using any third party apps to download videos is against Youtube’s terms of service. It clearly states that you can only stream videos directly from its servers. It could also be a possible copyright infringement downloading someone else’s content. So we should review what we need to download. It’s not illegal to download videos for personal use i.e. the need of having ‘baby white noise’ 10 hour play as an mp3 in your device. has paid Plus Yearly and Lifetime subscriptions available. Plus gives you Full HD, 4K an 8K videos at 60 fps, download MP3 in 192 Kbps, built-in YouTube search, YouTube Playlist and Channels, Live Stream, and add free experience. This subscription used in up to 2 devices at the same time. Find more about subscription plans here.

Last but not least, claims – its conversion tool is “superior” to websites such as KeepVid, SaveMedia, etc. It supports the statement by saying it has no limitations on video length or resolution, much faster, allows you to download entire playlists. Further more, it has support for subtitles and live video streams. Lastly, no Ads.

Give it a try and share your experience with us.


5 Great Online Modern Resume Makers (Web Apps)

Modern graphical resumes have an upwards trends these days. With individuals creating their own dynamic resume websites to people creating their graphical – infographic based resumes, resume game is changing rapidly. With the advancement in this trend – the availability of tools and services in modern resume creation is increasing as well. There are services which allows you to quickly sign up by social integration (LinkedIn) and generate a template. Do customization on that template and a draft is read to be reviewed. In this article, we will share some amazing online tools which allows user to create modern and graphical resumes.


Enhancv is all in one CV tool. Users can create resumes using templates, and cover letters. It also has a knowledge base in terms of career counselling, job search and interview preparation. Web based app is interactive and very easy to use. Initial wizard walks through the template creation process which can be later modified and adjusted.

Enhancv has paid features.


Kickresume is a paid web app which allows you to create resumes, cover letters and a personal websites. There is also a job offers board available on Kickresume. User can earn career points by doing specific tasks such as creating a cover letter will earn you 10 points. User can fill in resume information, customize, proofread and download the resume. In customization, user can randomly generate design and review it in the preview screen.

Kickresume has paid features.


Kinzaa is a talent service which focuses on talent skill set. It also includes a free graphical resume creator. Upon account creation, the wizard asks you for a quick skill assessment which is clearly illustrated via a graphical representation later on. After creating the profile, you can save a pdf and also publish your profile on Kinzaa platform.


Novoresume is an intuitive web resume builder. You can create a professional resume and cover letter using themes and templates. The service has a lot of free resume, cv and cover letter templates available and also some useful guides to learn the tool.

Novoresume has paid features.


The web app has a user friendly step-by-step layout, which makes it really easy for the user to go through resume creation process. User can define appearance, page layout, use a sample content, import a resume and review history of the changes done.

Visualcv has paid features.

Let us know which one was your favorite or a recommendation otherwise. – Online PDF tool To Convert, Organize & Compress PDF files

0 is all in one PDF on the go tool. It allows user to convert, organize and compress PDF files. Most of today’s authoring tools allow us to save a Word, Excel or an Image file as a PDF. This one stands out as it fits in the ‘to-go’ situation and is efficient enough to serve the purpose. You can convert from PDF and to PDF in reference to some of the common file formats like Word, Excel, PNG, and PPT files. Let’s look at some of the features offered.

Split allows you to quickly import a pdf and select specific pages to split. Once pdf is imported, all pages are visually shown as decks. You can split and save, or save as separate PDF altogether. You can also merge multiple PDF files into one. Select the first file and then add more files from local, Google Drive, Dropbox or a URL. And then Hit merge, a new PDF will be presented with a download link. PDF files with lots of images can get heavy in size. Compress the PDF to reduce the size of file. After file selection, the PDF is compressed and new download link will be available with file size reduction information. Lastly, from a PDF point of view – you can lock and unlock a file by uploading it and setting a password.

Convert to PDF allows you to quickly convert Word, Excel, JPG, PPT and PNG files to PDF.

Convert from PDF

Similarly you can convert an existing PDF to a Word, Excel, JPG, PPT or a PNG file.

This tool is good to have in the bookmark list to convert and compress. Also can quite useful on the go. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

Custom Cursor: Extension for Google Chrome And Windows App (Free)


Smart devices – we tend to rely on touch or smart pens to interact. Most commonly interaction is with touch. Consumer devices are becoming touch friendly by default now. We do need the traditional cursor when using conventional machines. Working as a software engineer, these conventional machines become a key to earning, skill enhancements and learning. Cursor design, configurations and customization has been crucial for users who don’t want to stick with default design.

Windows allows you to customize cursor and configurations around it. It gives you more control. You can select a cursor, change cursor size and colour and download cursor packs. It can get a bit tricky at times. Here we are sharing a more simplified solution for Windows. You simply install an app and apply cursor packages as needed. There are tons of free packages available to select from. We bring you review of, Custom Cursor available on Windows and as a Chrome browser extension.

Chrome Extension

Custom Cursor has an awesome Chrome Extension. This is useful if you don’t want to download the Windows app or more so are not a Windows user and would like to have custom cursors on Chrome browser. The extension is super easy to use. Upload cursors and manage them. You can create a custom cursor using Constructor. Choose a cursor, pointer and create a package.

Explore Custom Cursor

Windows Extension

Download and install Custom Cursor app to explore Windows features. App has a simple design. On the main screen – set of available and installed cursor packages will be visible. You can apply these packages and manage them.

Settings allow you to set cursor size, app language, notifications and Windows startup check. Lastly, the on/off icon on menu – will return to default Windows cursor settings. To add new cursor packages; go to the custom-cursor collection and click the add button. A notification will appear in browser stating ‘Cursor Package Lamborghini Installed’. From browser extension settings – newly added package can be applied now.

Download Custom Cursor for Windows

Extract 70 Types of Compressed Files With Archive Extractor Online


Most common formats can be extracted quickly but what if its unique. This tool which sits on web called Archive Extractor allows you to quickly extract files in the browser and visually see them. You can further select the specific one needed to download it (with a simple click). Extremely simple yet handy tool which could come to rescue anyone carrying those ‘other’ formats.

Add a file from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or a URL. As soon as the file is selected – the extraction process starts. A progress bar is visible and once complete – the extracted files are visible.

Supported Formats

Archive Extractor online supports following formats:
7z, zipx, rar, tar, exe, dmg, iso, zip, msi, nrg, gz, cab, bz2, wim, acealz, ar, arc, arj, bin, cdi, chm, cpt, cpio, cramfs, crunch, deb, dd, dms, ext, fat, format, gpt, hfs, ihex, lbr, lzh, lzma, lzm, mbr, mdf, nsa, nds, nsis, ntfs, pit, pak, pdf, pp, qcow2, rpm, sar, squashfs, squeeze, sit, sitx, swf, udf, uefi, vdi, vhd, vmdk, warc, xar, xz, z, zoo, zi, jar

This is definitely the tool to bookmark for day to day use. It’s a nice way to quickly extract – and grab what you need. That simple.

Manage, Compile & Decompile APK Files on Windows

APK files are related to Android OS. These files are Package Files which is utilized to add applications / apps on the operating system. Downloaded directly to the device via Store and installed. Formerly, we shared an article about unpack / repack APK files using Formatter tool on Windows and Mac. Moving on, a lot has changed and there is a better – stable tool to manage, compile (pack), decompile (unpack) APK files on Windows.

APK Easy Tool

As the name explains it all – this FREE tools is a light applications that enables user to manage, pack, repack, and sign APK files. APK Easy Tool works on Windows 7 and above. Java 8 and .Net Framework 4.7.2 are mandatory. After download and install, the tool will automatically setup apktool.jar and other required working directories. This can be all reviewed from Options (menu bar). You can easily drag and drop files like any modern tool.

Key features include decompile and compile, sign/zipalign, extract/zip APK, APK information, framework, logout, options, drag and drop, apktool.jar version selector and shortcuts. Jumplist shortcuts are available to quickly open decompiled, complied, extracted, and zipped APK files. Windows Explorer shows exact selections.

As per XDA there are some issues on Windows with APK filenames having Japanese, Chinese characters. Head out to XDA thread to find more about such issues and get some useful troubleshooting tips.

Download APK Easy Tool (androidfilehost)
APK Easy Tool (

Clipchamp – Video Editor & Meme Maker for Content Creators


Online content creation has gone wild specially in the last few years. This has been a go for big names as well as new apps in the market. With our smart devices jagged with these amazing cameras – and ability to edit and produce amazing videos right from our devices – has taken the whole content creation to another notch. As they say – if a picture is worth a thousands words – a video is worth millions or more. Video content have definitely taken a whole new edge in terms of production as well as consumption.

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A while back we shared some useful video editing apps for content creators. In this article, we are sharing one amazing video editing tool – which sits on the cloud and has millions of editors accessing professional tools and features such as video editing, resizing, screen recording, and green screen effects. Its called Clipchamp.

Common Features

Apart from all common features within a video editor – ClipChamp includes some plus unique niche features. Easily resize your videos by changing the aspect ratios in a few clicks. This allows to have better dimensions for different social platforms and post types. Green screen feature allows you to create low budget CGI effects. Easily replace backgrounds, add overlays, images, and gifs. PIP or Picture in Picture allows user to add overlay content for example: a content author sharing her video game play can add a overlay of author playing the game. Take your story telling to next level by using AI voice over feature. It basically turns text into speech and gives you a selection of narrators to choose from.

Clipchamp – App view

If you are an active podcaster – then this feature might sound catchy. Clipchamp comes with an audio visualizer which allows you to produce audio visual animations that matches the track. Tool comes with audio visualizer templates which can be edited and utilized.

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Free Video Memes

Add video, music, text and create video memes using Clipchamp. Utilizing existing stock footage and animated images from GIPHY to create amusing memes. Create free memes / gif images using this feature.

Clipchamp – Export Screen View

Clipchamp Integrations

Third party integrations are crucial for web apps. Be it a minimal task of logging in using social login or being able to save my rendered video to Google Drive – it all becomes necessary eventually. Integration with third party tools works well i.e. I can import a file directly from Google Drive or Box into my project.

Pricing is available here and is not too bad considering the features we get. You can start for free with unlimited video exports and 480p exports to try out. Most popular plan is $19 USD and offers unlimited video exports, 1080p exports, compression, cloud media backup, unlimited audio stock and custom branding.

Access ClipChamp Youtube tutorials here:

Made with ClipChamp

WT enjoyed the free run of It is very easy to use – as successfully created a gif / meme using a stock video, text and effects. Do give it a try and share your thoughts.

How To Take Screenshot In Windows 10 With PrtScn or Snipping Tool


Windows 10 provides multiple ways to take screenshots by default. You don’t need to install any third party tools or browser extensions. There are two common ways to take screenshot with or without selection.

screenshot example (Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash)

PrtScn (Print Screen)

The most common and easiest way is to use PrtSc or PrtScn to capture whatever is present on the screen right away. It’s the easiest as you can do it right from the keyboard. On some keyboards (like the one I am using) PrtScn is triggered with Fn (function key).

Copy the entire screen

PrtSc or FN + PrtSc: This shortcut copies the entire screen. Paste copied screenshot into any program to use further for example in email, rich text editor, Microsoft apps including Word, OneNote, Office, photo editing apps etc.

Copy active window

Alt + PrtSc: This shortcut copies the active window to the clipboard.

Drag And Select

Windows Key + Shift + S: This shortcut dims the screen and a toolbar opens on top middle. You can see four snipping options. Select an option and drag to select a portion of screen to copy. Image is now available in clipboard for usage.

Save Current Screen

Windows Key + PrtSc: This is the fastest one to use if you don’t need to specify any selection. It will save the whole screen as an image files within Pictures folder.

Snipping Tool

Second option is Snipping tool. Its a screenshot utility within Windows 10 and differs from the PrtScn functionality. Using this tool, user can grab a screenshot by making a selection and save it as an image.

To open this utility in Windows 10, simply Search – > Snipping Tool

There are four modes available including free form snip, rectangular snip, window snip, and full screen snip. select Mode and click New. Screen will add an overlay with snip selection visible. Create a selection and screenshot will be visible in tool window.

Snipping Tool (Windows 10)

A time delay can be added for items that will appear on screen after mouse movement. Images can be annotated from the Snipping Tool window after the screenshot is snipped. Quick tools available are pen, highlighter and eraser. Lastly, save the image by clicking File -> Save or using ctrl + S.

Snipping Tool has some more selection options available. From options enable to always copy snips to the clipboard, include URL below snips for html, prompt user to save snips before exiting and showing screen overlay when snipping tool is active.

What Is Clipboard In Windows 10 And How To Use It?


Copy paste functionality is one of those fundamental keys which is available across operating systems and platforms. Dependent on the nature of work – we definitely use copy or cut many times during one computer sitting. At times – its intense. Windows 10 comes with a useful built-in tool called Clipboard, which allows user to manage the copy activity and hold more than one item at an instance to paste. In other words, when you copy or cut something, it is copied to the clipboard for you to paste. This gives user the flexibility to select and paste already copied items – as needed.

clipboard view on desktop (Windows key + V)

Windows Key + V : quick short cut to access clipboard right from desktop. As we just turned it on and off to show the first prompt which will be visible. Clipboards gets populated with items as you copy or cut any item. Good examples would be links, text, images etc.

Populated Clipboard

To use any item from the clipboard, to open the clipboard again using the shortcut key (Windows + V). Clipboard will appear where ever the cursor is on screen. Select the item and item is visible.

Windows Settings for Clipboard

Explore further by performing a search for Clipboard and open Settings. User is able to:

  • turn on clipboard history (by default it will be off)
  • sync across devices. This feature allows you to share clipboard data across devices.
  • clear clipboard data. This will clear everything except pinned items. (yes you can pin items in the clipboard too).

Clipboard is a good addition for everyday Windows user.

Having issues, get help with Windows Support for Clipboard.

Google Ranking Factors 2020 Facts & Myths (Infographic)


One crucial thing in any online business is Google ranking i.e. how well your business website lists on Google search. There are too many factors involved in the ranking yet some which are commonly known within SEO world are user experience, backlinks, search intent, page speed, content depth, mobile friendliness, and content accuracy. Not to forget, there are some facts and some myths around Google ranking factors.

Moving on, this infographic we are sharing relates to Google Ranking Factors for year 2020. It highlights facts and myths related to domain, content, site structure and code, performance and security, user interactions, and links. The design of the graphic is a bit dry. Font type selection is good as its standing out. But addition of more graphics (icons, etc.) and correct placements would have been a plus point.

Nonetheless, some useful insights related to Google ranking factors – facts and myths.

source: link-assistant