10 Cyber Security Myths for Businesses

Cyber security is essential to the operations of any business, large or small. Even if you don’t offer online shopping or e-mail services to your customers, chances are your business is exposed to hackers and cybercriminals. These intrusions can be devastating for businesses. They can lead to identity theft and financial fraud, cause disruption and system outages, and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per attack. In other words, cyber security is a must-have for any business that wants to operate smoothly.

Varonis, a data protection and cyber security company have put together an infographic which highlights 10 cyber security myths that might be keeping a business from being cyber-safe. The visual graphic put out each of the myths in a row. Further, there is the representation of a number to give out actual figures around cyber security. Lastly, there are 6 valuable tips for securing businesses. It’s very simple in design and gets the message across in a clear way.

cyber security myths infographic

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