10 Handy DIY Tools For Filmmakers Infographic

With the innovation of streaming technology, film and video production have gone to the next level. High Definition quality cameras are widely available to consumers around the world. And we have witnessed the popularity and fame of websites like YouTube which help promote users’ content.

Moving on, this post is a plus for new filmmakers who are a bit low on cash but have ambitious filmmaking ideas and visions. It is a Do It Yourself (DIY) Filmmakers handy toolkit infographic, which looks at some of the important tools of production available easily.

The visual graphic has a very neat color tone to it, based on black, white and orange. Greenscreen and fake blood are two tools placed with colors representing the tool(of course), which identify the two tools clearly. Greenscreen or more so CGI has become all so popular. Lastly, the infographic simply lists out the tools for filmmakers in each row with clear text and black background. Let’s have a look.

10 Handy DIY Tools for Filmmakers

tools for filmmakers infographics

 source: Column Five Media

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