100 Top World Wonders Is An Android Application

If you ever wonder and are interested to know a list of the worlds ‘top 100’ everything.  XIMAD Inc. Has released a new Android App ‘100 World Wonders’. A spectacular Android application 100 World Wonders will help you to discover the world’s “top” and even more.

All the information about the top 100 is available for you whether its information about most beautiful places, world’s tallest person, world’s fastest car or highest building, amazing phenomenon etc.

Ultimately, in one list, the world’s “top” everything:

-The world’s fastest

-The world’s tallest

-The world’s longest

-The world’s largest

-The world’s most expensive

– The world’s most dangerous

Below are the main features of the App 100 top world wonders:

-splendid design

-Save to favorites

– High-quality photos

-Send via SMS\email

-Easy-to-operate control

World Wonders An Android App

The App let you get 100s exciting of ideas for a perfect vacation, you can plan where to go, what to buy, etc.  Top 100 world wonders has both Free and Premium versions available. The premium version does not contain ands and costs $1.99. Go and get the app to know about the world wonders.



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