3D Design App with Print Support And Millions of Models

3D Tin launched in 2010, was one of the initial web-based apps with 3D design capabilities and needs. The service was turned off as it couldn’t keep up with the advances and needs offered by comparative apps. Similarly, another service started to measure new heights called Tinkercad. With millions of 3D models being created on the app; it grew in terms of design, usage, community and support base.


Tinkercad is a web-based app which allows users to create 3D digital designs which are ready for print. Yes, be it physical objects via 3D printing. Vectors, images, and 2D /3D shapes can be imported. Circuits allow the user to simulate the created objects. This app definitely meets the need of a simple designer who wants to simply design an object out of imagination and likely print a 3D model.


Tinkercad has a huge community and users share tons of designs and circuits. The knowledge base of the product is available for a new user.  Existing designs can be 3D printed, downloaded and duplicated.Tinkercad is fully supported with Chrome or Firefox browser. In terms of printing need to see the completed product; Tinkercad supports most 3D printers on market as long as they support STL file format. Tinkercad features cloud storage for easy access.


As mentioned earlier; the app has a huge learning base with step-by-step lessons. A designer can learn the moves, camera controls, scaling, etc. Smal details for designers such as keyboard controls for the app are also listed within the learning center. App also supports 3rd party integration for Thingiverse, Shapeways, Ponoko, and MyMiniFactory. Last but not least; a teaching center has been established within the app. A designer can select primary role within the classroom such as a teacher, student, or a parent. Tinkercard is quickly ramping up on the customer base and is developing a 3D designers community. The app is a part of AutoDesk software deck and is constantly evolving.

Tinkercad is also available from Windows App.