Revolutionize Classrooms with 3D Printers Infographic

Currently, one of the biggest hypes in the printing world is the advancements in 3D printing. It is also known as additive manufacturing and it includes the process of creating objects based on layers. These layers are formed together to make the final piece. Interestingly, 3D printers have been around for around 30 years but it’s just about time that they are becoming public. One of the biggest reasons was huge costs which have been overcome by the usage of sophisticated technology.

3D Printing Will Revolutionize the classroom, an infographic developed by Online Degrees. It is great, as such it can be printed and posted in the classroom, at an IT lab or somewhere. Being calm in the design highlights all aspects of 3D printing with the usage of light colours and objects. We look at a quick overview of 3D printing, who is using it, why should we use it and how will it revolutionize classrooms.

Enjoy this and feel free to share and comment, of course!

3d printers infographic


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