4.8 Inch Samsung Galaxy S3 Likely To Have Ceramic Built


We saw the Galaxy series by Samsung come and evolve. It evolved fast in terms of design and performance. We are experiencing the second generation of Galaxy series (S2) devices based on Android OS. We saw a number of Galaxy variants, from Galaxy Nexus with Google, to Galaxy S 2 and the recent release, Galaxy Note. Surprises keep on coming from this soon-to-be smartphone giant. Official news are that consumers are not going to see the new generation of Galaxy or S III at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) this year.

According to BGR, the company is going to launch the new Galaxy S III in 50 different markets at the same time, more likely to be a global launch. It wont be a surprise that it comes out with the second generation of Gorilla Glass. Rumors are that it would have a quad-core processor, Android 4.0, 4G, LTE etc. We are to expect a wide super AMOLED display likely to be 4.8 inches. The device built is believed to be ceramic rather than the usual plastic.

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