400 Worst Data Breaches And Hacks

The reality of data, and the world we live in today, is that it’s never been easier to have someone find your personal information. Whether you’re an individual, a business or an organization – there are many ways to have your information exposed and even more ways to deal with it once you find out.

Data breaches and hacks are becoming more frequent. These incidents can cause irreparable damage to your business and reputation. They can also expose personal information, like an individual’s passport number, or financial details, like bank account numbers or Social Security numbers. The consequences of data breaches and hacks can have a lasting impact on your company and its bottom line.

In this article, we will look at interactive visualization of the world’s biggest data breaches and hacks. The data consists of more than 400 organizations and businesses and is being updated constantly. These graphics are created by information is beautiful using vizsweet which is an awesome interactive data visualization tool. If you enjoy lots of amazing data visualization content, information is beautiful must be checked out.

World’s Biggest Data Breaches And Hacks View

The first visual looks at the biggest data breaches and hacks with over 30,000 records in a timeline. You can filter data based on sectors (government, legal, retail, tech etc.) and methods. Inside jobs, lost devices, and poor security are some good examples of methods. Bubbles within the graphic represent the affected company or business name. And of course, the bigger the bubble, the higher the number of users it represents. You can also search based on a brand name. For example, searching for Yahoo will bring you a lot of surprising records over spans of time.

data breaches and hacks graphic

Data Breaches By Data Sensitivity View

what is sensitive data? It’s information such as email addresses, personal details, passwords, banking and credit card information, health data and other sensitive details. The second visual breaks bubbles into 5 groups. Each group is identifying a type of sensitive data and bubbles representing the business name. LinkedIn had a quite massive breach in 2021 in which user details were compromised and 92% of platform user data was exposed.

data breaches by data sensitivity

View Data breaches and hacks in interactive graphic

Lastly, These interactive visual graphics are being fed data which is updated frequently (as we can see data till 2022 starting 2004). With time, data breaches and hacks are happening a lot more and becoming common. As users, we need to make sure we are keeping our security in line with the best policies. Always keep your accounts safe by having strong passwords, and multi-level authentications enabled.

There are a lot of learnings for business from the breaches and hacks which have happened. The cost impediments are a separate concern. The average total cost of a ransomware breach is $4.62 million (data breach statistics). Best practices need to be put in place across the board for businesses to safeguard and protect users and sensitive information.

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