5 Analytics iPhone Apps For Website Owners

Good news for the business people especially whose work domain is websites. iPhone has certain applications that will allow you to view your website’s statistics even you don’t have a computer or a laptop. These applications will keep you in touch with what is happening with your websites stats even if you are away from office.


These applications are as follows:

1.  BAM Analytics Pro


This application helps you out to have a view of your Google Analytics information through your iPhone. This application gives you 65 different reports that can be exported from CSV, XML plus email with many options to receive results. It also gives you the functionality of comparison.

It costs $1.99.


2. Ego


This application is specified for small business that is not involved in-depth stats. It gives you figures from Ember; Feed burner, Google Analytics, Mint, Square space, Tumblr, Twitter and Vimeo. It allows you to have a look on your followers, site visitors and feed descriptions on the go.

It costs $1.99.


3. Simple Sense


This is a free application that facilitates you with Google’s Ad Sense for Content program. You can view your AdSense for Content earnings for yesterday, the past seven days, the past month and the current payment quickly and easily.


4. Analytics App


It gives Google Analytics information at your palm by iPhone. Through this you can generate 55 reports with custom time ranges. Keeps you updated with reports of your websites.

It costs you only $1.99


5. Abuzz

5 Analytics iPhone Apps For Website Owners

The Abuzz iPhone app will search Digg, Twitter, Buzz, public parts of Facebook, blogs and forums for mentions of multiple keywords and phrases of your choosing to help you monitor and manage your company’s public image when away from the office.

It costs you $4.99.

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