5 Free iPad Games – Say Wow And Don’t Forget To Include Techy :)

A lot of smartphone freaks love Apple – we don’t disagree but one thing which Apple and iPhone-lovers will also agree that there are very few iPhone or iPad applications and games which can be got free. Yes we have 5 iPad games which you can get for free. Thanks to MakeUseOf for this discovery 🙂 .

We haven’t played each of them at our end, so no claims for the awesomeness and extreme pleasure announcement for these games – you can give all of them a try and declare all or some of them very interesting. No more words, lets go straight forward to all these one by one.

NinJump HD

This game is made for those who have zeal for creating and scaling buildings. Hit on the iTunes LINK for this game and discover more by yourself.

Spades HD

As the name suggests, it is made for card-players. Check out the iTunes LINK for the game.

Cliffed: Norm’s World XL

Folks who love to face different obstacles while playing games, should try it. Reminds me different movies regarding cliff hanging. Hit this game’s iTunes LINK.

Escape – Norm’s World XL

This is of the good strategic games which you ought to play once even if you don’t like strategic games. Download the game from this LINK.

Air Hockey Gold

This version of Air Hocky Gold is one of the best games for iPad. Don’t wait – download from this iTunes LINK.

Have fun and share your comments with us.

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