5 Fun Games For Mac Users

Who doesn’t like playing games on Mac? Well if I don’t like it doesn’t mean all of humans don’t like 😛 . Today I’m gonna talk about CultofMac‘s 5 fun Mac games that you’ll like for sure.

These games bring more fun than ever, one of such games – the Ice Cream Craze Natural Hero is one good example.

icecream craze natural hero is among 5 fun games for mac

While its just a game, the creator of  Ice Cream Craze Natural Hero comes up with a concept that is more than just good, the world is being polluted and we are now using more of the artificial products in our diet than ever before, but not any more , in this game Dr.Bane is creating the filthy artificial ice cream and your job is to compete Dr. Bane by producing more attractive natural ice cream.Download it now

planet strong hold Is Among 5 Fun games for mac

Planet stronghold is a role play game where you enter as an intern and it’s the most secure planet in the whole universe, what you have to do is to choose a side and fight for the honor; the results may have a lasting impact on the planet but who knows, it is all about you to make an impact. The specialty of this game is the great Manga art work, characters are created as they are real and there is a relationship system among the characters and there are over 40 different enemies to select from and you can plan and take over the master if you are taking side of rebellions. Download it now

Time builders Pyramid Rising Is Among 5 fun games for mac

Time builders: Pyramid Rising is an interesting game and the best thing about this game is that it is a time management game , the sun has collapsed and the entire country is galloped in darkness, your task is to rebuild the country, get the rocks, hire workers, bargain with the people and earn money. Build as fast as you can so that the people can get some place to live , this game is specially for those who want to challenge their management skills, while everyone should try this really fantastic game. Download it now

The Bloobles and the Quest for Chocolate Is Among 5 fun games for mac

The Bloobles and the Quest for Chocolate, in this game a monster is throwing some brown things in the jungle, which is being discovered after one of the Blooble has been sent out in the woods; your task is to collect as much of these as you can. This is a really easy game not demanding great amount of space and other requirements are really not special, there are over 100 levels, and there are four worlds to explore, four games to unlock, two game modes, and hours and hours of non ending fun, go on and find more chocolate and nurture yourself, it’s a journey of extreme happiness and joy and amazing hilarious characters amuse you while you play. Download it now

cakeshop 3 is among 5 fun games for mac

In cake shop 3 you have to make cakes, the more delicious you make, the more customers get happy, the speed and accuracy really does matter here, being a girls game, its really a challenge for the players to have a control between all the tasks, specially the customers are very demanding and different in their approach to demand different items so satisfying them will get you more money to make your own shop will complement the goal. Download it now

Hope you’d love to play these fun games. Keep gaming 🙂




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