5 Great Online Modern Resume Makers (Web Apps)

Modern graphical resumes have an upwards trends these days. With individuals creating their own dynamic resume websites to people creating their graphical – infographic based resumes, resume game is changing rapidly. With the advancement in this trend – the availability of tools and services in modern resume creation is increasing as well. There are services which allows you to quickly sign up by social integration (LinkedIn) and generate a template. Do customization on that template and a draft is read to be reviewed. In this article, we will share some amazing online tools which allows user to create modern and graphical resumes.


Enhancv is all in one CV tool. Users can create resumes using templates, and cover letters. It also has a knowledge base in terms of career counselling, job search and interview preparation. Web based app is interactive and very easy to use. Initial wizard walks through the template creation process which can be later modified and adjusted.

Enhancv has paid features.


Kickresume is a paid web app which allows you to create resumes, cover letters and a personal websites. There is also a job offers board available on Kickresume. User can earn career points by doing specific tasks such as creating a cover letter will earn you 10 points. User can fill in resume information, customize, proofread and download the resume. In customization, user can randomly generate design and review it in the preview screen.

Kickresume has paid features.


Kinzaa is a talent service which focuses on talent skill set. It also includes a free graphical resume creator. Upon account creation, the wizard asks you for a quick skill assessment which is clearly illustrated via a graphical representation later on. After creating the profile, you can save a pdf and also publish your profile on Kinzaa platform.


Novoresume is an intuitive web resume builder. You can create a professional resume and cover letter using themes and templates. The service has a lot of free resume, cv and cover letter templates available and also some useful guides to learn the tool.

Novoresume has paid features.


The web app has a user friendly step-by-step layout, which makes it really easy for the user to go through resume creation process. User can define appearance, page layout, use a sample content, import a resume and review history of the changes done.

Visualcv has paid features.

Let us know which one was your favorite or a recommendation otherwise.

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