7 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is without a doubt the most popular browser around. While it has a lot to offer, there are still many features that are missing. That’s where Chrome extensions come in. Extensions let you control and modify how websites load and behave. Plus, they can also add extra features to your browser. Let’s talk about some of the must-have ones, and how they’ll help you make your life easier!

Best Google Chrome Extensions of 2022

Here’s a list of the 7 bests Chrome Extensions that you need to boost your creativity.

Evernote Web Clipper

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Evernote Web Clipper is a great extension for you if you have the habit of bookmarking articles and websites to go through later. This Chrome extension allows you to save articles, Web pages, or PDFs to your Evernote account. The clip formats in Evernote Web Clipper are what make it so great. You have the option of bookmarking it or saving the entire page with its original formatting. It works flawlessly with just a few clicks. Additionally, the extension gives you the choice of organizing your saves within your Evernote folders. Plus, you can save an article on your desktop and later open it in the Evernote app because it syncs across devices.

Save to Google Drive

7 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

One of the most basic but highly useful extensions in this list is Save to Google Drive. It’s pretty simple and self-explanatory, but it works well. When you click the Save to Google Drive icon in the top right corner of the browser, the current page is saved to your Google Drive account for later viewing. There’s also a right-click menu as well. The extension works great for all forms of multimedia. It can be used to save pictures, audio, and video as well as take screenshots.


7 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

While Internet speeds have improved, we still have bad Internet days once in a while. A slow Internet connection can be particularly troublesome if you are trying to game online or stream.  Before trying to download a large attachment or stream a video, you may occasionally need to check your connection speed. Fortunately, SpeedTest makes that fairly simple. Simply click the “Go” button, and Speedtest will quickly test your connection on your selected network.


7 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

This Chrome extension makes it quicker and simpler to log into your accounts by securely storing and tracking information like usernames and passwords. Last Pass analyzes the strength and weaknesses of your current passwords and offers to generate strong passwords for both new and existing accounts. For added security against unauthorized access, it also provides two-factor authentication. It is a great extension for safely storing your passwords.


7 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

Momentum, lets you modify your new tab page with a personal dashboard in order to help you improve focus, stay organized, and stay motivated to excel at your goals. This is a very popular Chrome extension with over three million users. Momentum replaces your standard New Tab page with a “personal dashboard.” It includes a beautiful landscape photograph, a to-do list, your personalized weather report, and inspirational quotes so you can plan your day. As well as asking you what your “main focus” is each day, Momentum provides you with a handy reminder to keep on track.

Adblock Plus

7 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

Adblock Plus is one of the best and most widely used ad-blockers for Chrome. This Chrome extension helps you block ads from various popular websites, pop-ups, banners, and more. Installing this extension only requires the click of a button, but the software starts its magic immediately. You’ll probably notice that most pages load much more quickly if you use the AdBlock Plus icon, which keeps track of everything it has blocked. Adblock Plus’s extreme configurability is another standout feature. The Options dialog has tools to assist you, whether you simply want to stop the extension from running on a specific site, perhaps to avoid problems, or you’d like to use an entirely new set of ad-blocking rules.


7 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

Honey is a highly popular Chrome extension, but it is a little different from the rest. This sweet-sounding app by PayPal helps you simplify your shopping process. It’s one of the Chrome extensions with the most reviews, and it makes sense. Finding coupons while shopping online is quick and easy thanks to an icon next to the URL or a centralized website. Although there are many ways that the internet has made shopping more convenient, it can be challenging to determine whether or not you are getting the best deal. Honey is a useful tool for cost-saving because it does the work for you.

The Wrap-Up

While third-party apps and browser extensions can make life a lot easier, they can also pose a risk to your system if you are not careful. And while you install these extensions, always check to see if they’re safe. Remember, there are a lot of shady Chrome extensions out there. We hope our list of the best Chrome extensions for this year will help you level up your productivity. Let us know in the comments which Chrome extensions you can’t do without!

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