7 Types Of iPhone Users, Which One Are You?

People use their phones for a variety of reasons. Some people want a phone that can take great pictures, while others are interested in extending battery life. Some people want to be able to sync their phones with their computers, while others need flawless speech recognition software.

Almost everyone knows about this device running iOS, called iPhone. And yes, more than 70 million people use it (Statista). Yet, like there are different types of iPhone, i.e. different generations 3G, 4G, 4S etc; there are indeed different types of iPhone owners as well. I know a number of them, you might know some as well.

7 Types of iPhone Users’ Infographic

This infographic we are about to share, reveals seven popular types of iPhone owners. If you are an iPhone owner, select the best type which goes with you. Are you the fanboy or the complainer? let’s find out.

types if iphone user infographic

source: DI

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