How To Access Android SD Card From Any Other Device

How To Access Android SD Card From Any Other DeviceWireless Storage is enhancing like no tomorrow. Previously, we covered an Android app called ‘File Expert’, which is a great file manager, sharing tool, app manager and at the same time ‘SMB Client’. (Click here to read the detail review on File Expert). In this article we are about to share a great tip, which allows you to access your SD Card from any other device. File Expert, it self allows you to create an SMB Client which enables you to access parts of your device wirelessly. XDA developer shared this great tip which allows you to create a path for SD Card over wireless network.

1. Download and install File Expert (click here to read full review)

2. Launch File Expert and tap ‘share’ at the bottom

3. Select ‘Enable Web Sharing’

4. IP and Authentication info will be displayed.

5. Note down the unique url (http://192….), username and password because it will be required later on for logging in!

6. Go to browser on other device (iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7) and enter the unique url.

7. After entering the credentials, directory contents will appear in your browser of your device including SD Card.

Its that simple. This was successfully tested on devices such as Nexus S, and iPhone 4. Though it might not work on some devices depending on there protocols and authentication settings.

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