Acer Iconia 10″ Tablet Set To Release In Best Buy Canada

Earlier we saw the release of Motorla Xoom. a great tablet running Honeycomb. Its time that another Android tablet is all set to release. This time its by Acer. Acer tablet known as Iconia Tab puts the power upfront with NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processing and Honeycomb. Again, not to forget that Honeycomb is solely meant for tablets.

Acer Iconia 10" Tablet Set To Release In Best Buy Canada

Key features apart from Honeycomb and Tegra 2 are HDMI out, and USB connectivity. USB conectivity has been the key feature been missed out by consumers in tablets such as ipad, galaxy tab, xoom etc. Acer Iconia is priced at $499.99 plus HST. And as we can see the product is scheduled to arrive on May 13, meaning will be on sale afterwards.




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