Add Images For Tweeting By Simple Drag And Drop Using Twitter For Mac

Since so long people kept talking about NewTwitter and eventually made this redesign as one of the most impatiently waited and wanted design updates for any social media platform. When came many users liked it, while some including me too, didn’t like it as thought. Anyhow a latest update from Twitter blog mentions another awesome feature of NewTwitter specially for those users who access Twitter from Mac machines using Twitter for Mac.

Twitter for Mac is desktop client for Mac Twitter users which lets you access your Twitter account without opening any web browser. It is downloadable from Mac store for free – yes you don’t need to spend a penny while downloading it.

There are a lot of features of this application – a quick one to mention as the guy @Donveto mentioned is adding images to tweet by simple drag and drop. Whatever image you want to add in your tweets window, simply drag it and drop there which will add that picture there. Sounds fun – yeh?  Personally speaking I don’t like Macs at all so I don’t bother using this tool ;). What about you? If you do, then discover more functionalities of this tool and tell us too.

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