App Download Statistics Are Added To Android Market Developers Portal

Smartphones are getting popular with every passing day. One thing worthy to be noted, that Smartphone’s operating system depends on the bliss and happiness of its developers. The OS landscape is competitive enough now and consumers frequently give first choice to key apps and not to actual OS interface.

Android Market Developers Stats

Google have added download statistics to the Android Market’s developer portal, to pacify its developers. This app download statistics will help them to figure out things well.This finance-like chart includes the breakdown of the OS version (2.1, 2.2, etc.), downloads for OS version, breakdown for the specific devices, as well device, language and country of OS version.

Below is given the breakdown for an old Android’s Central widget, which has 11,400 installations taken from AndroidCentral.

-80.6 % users on Android 2.2, 13.8 % on Android 2.1 and 1.8% Android 2.3.3

-25.6 % users of the widget are using an HTC EVO 4G. 16% are using the Motorola Droid X and 10.6 % of users are using the Droid Incredible.

-91.9 % percent of the widget’s users are in the United States. 1.6 % in the UK and 0.9% are living in Canada.

The above statistics show that Android 2.2 users are downloading the widget more then they download apps overall. This indicates that Android Central’s users are tilted towards the more up-to date technology users.So, these results will help developers to know what are the apps mostly liked by users, and hence to design superior and ample apps to attract larger number of users.


Google ads app download statistics to Android Market developer portal is a worthy gift ; by wasting no time start taking its advantages.




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