Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Adobe Android Touch Apps Arrive With Photoshop / Illustrator Integration

Adobe, the people who took design to new heights with the creation of tools like Photoshop have emerged on Android Market. Mainly targeted for Tablet users, these new apps are a great addition for Adobe Creative Suite users. With added integration to common tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, these apps do stand out.

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch

Advanced Photoshop for Touch tablets is here. It helps you transform images with core Photoshop tools and features. Users can combine images, apply effects, use tools such as layers, selection tools, and adjustments to master images. Tablet camera can be used to quickly fill an area on a layer which is a handy feature.

Added Scribble Selection tool allows you to refine edges and select image elements for more detailed editing control. Integration with Google Image search, social sharing, syncing with Adobe Cloud are some added features.


Adobe Kuler

Generate color themes for your designs by Adobe Kuler. It is definately one of the most advanced color inspiration tool available on tablets. Users get access to number of themes created by social Kuler community. This app is a must have for Android tablet users, be a artist, designer etc.

Adobe integration allows to extract and explore colors  from images using extraction moods. Later on, you can save themes and export them to use as color swatch in any of the Creative Suite desktop applications or Touch Apps.


Adobe Debut

Debut allows you to present your designs and ideas created in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. It allows you to open all those files and get instant feedback right on your tablet from your clients. It allows you to do so by having a layer and art board display controls.

Pen tool allows you to quickly take notes / feedback for designs. Adobe Creative Suite integration allows you to view and choose the Photoshop layers required to display or select the art boards within Illustrator files.



Adobe Ideas

Adobe’s Digital Sketchpad app is called Ideas. Its a vector based drawing app which will let you create  ideas in terms of layers and themes. Quickly export your designs to Illustrator and Photoshop for further collaboration.

Some key features include paths, paths manipulation, zoom in / out, add elements, undo / redo upto 50 levels, quick Creative Cloud integration, brushes, eraser, and a big canvas to work on.

Finally, Adobe has turned up with the launch of their Touch App suite with a number of apps. We have named some of the best ones for designers and developers. The do corely stand out because of their quick integration with Adobe Creative Suite for desktop users. All apps are paid. At most, for $10! Click here to list all Adobe apps.

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