Is Amazon Working on an Android Powered Kindle?

Is Amazon Working on an Android Powered Kindle?
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New York Blog system has presented an interesting idea in a post about Amazon. The rumour (or may be an idea) suggests that Amazon is planning to make a bigger splash as they already has dipped the toes in the Android water with an App store for the platform. Amazon has posted five new job openings for Android device inside “Lab 126”. Notably, Lab 126 is the division of Amazon responsible for working on kindles and hence leading some to believe that Amazon could be planning some sort of Android-powered Kindle/tablet.

The question interestingly arises here, is Amazon going to present another quality low cost tablet by competing with Nook Colour? Or are they simply interested to bring some variations to its Kindle app on the Android platform? Anyone could be the answer, but rumours suggest that Amazon could be working on “Colour Kindle ” as we all know that they are gearing up to launch their own App store.

By considering the popularity of Android tablets, it could be a way to release a tablet working around the fact that it cannot officially have the Google powered Android market installed. Amazon can attract an immense amount of apps as they have got a lot of buying power to attract big name titles. So bunch of five Android devices seems to be awful for just maintaining the kindle Android app for Amazon.

Now lets see whether an Android kindle/tablet prove to be a good move for Amazon or not as it seems that Amazon has to at least be batting for this idea. And if it’s just a rumour it’s interesting.




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