The Anatomy Of A Perfect Website Including Primary Aspects And Components

Web presence has become a standard for individuals, companies, corporations, and brands and the list keeps on going on. Though a number of aspects have to be kept in mind before the website can go live. As of now, there are 1.14 billion websites and the number keeps rising in a blink of an eye. With the rise in numbers, the needs are changing as well. A website needs to have all checks in green to have an awesome website. What would an awesome website consist of? A site which is user-friendly, can be navigated through, has valuable content, is SEO optimized and has social media presence (to name a few).

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Website Infographic

The anatomy includes components such as design, navigation, usability, content, analytics, search engine optimization, social media and more. This great infographic piece shared at Coolinfographics, and created by ROI Media lays out the inside of a website which is all set to go live including primary aspects and components of the website. Hence, making the web presence reside at a specific set standard.

anatomy of a perfect website infographic


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