Must Have Android Game Speedx 3D– ‘Pure Awsomeness’


Speedx 3d is a unique game where the player is travelling through a tube which shifts its appearance as player travels the distance. The player has to avoid oncoming blocks and manure through blackouts, hue shifts, dark nebula and many more challenges. Its as addicting as some of the other great games on smartphones such as Angry Birds and Nin Jump. One of the first games to support the 3D effect. The feature of accelerometer calibration technology gives the game extra kick.imageimage


Overall its a great game with five different difficulty level starting from easy, standard, extreme, pure and custom. Overall a very challenging game that keeps you on the edge of your seat, offered full and free(on Android market), be sure to give it a try as according to our game testers its probably the most exhilarating game offered on android and iPhone.

To download SpeedX 3D
– Scan the QR Code
– Or Search the Market



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