Use Your Android As An HD Webcam Supporting Chat Clients

A great news for Android users who are quite positive about taking the full advantage possible, from their device. There are apps available in Android Market  which make your device act like a webcam for your computer etc., but we are about to share something different in its own manner and does stands out.

imageDroidCam, developed by DEV47APPS, lets your Android device act as a wireless webcam by being a device running on the network. This initial release makes your device camera work over Wi-Fi connectivity and streams video right from your device to your computer.

One great thing about DroidCam is that by downloading the client available for Windows and Linux, user can use their new wireless webcam with most Instant Messaging platforms. Audio support is to be included in the updates anytime soon, according to developers.

imageimageOnce you download and install it , you will notice that DroidCam goes through some tests to check the resolution of the camera, frame rates and more. Since Android devices come in with different cameras, be it more pixels or higher resolution. It sure does act like, it does know what it’s doing!. Apart from that, you can preview those tests or see the results by navigating to Menu > Advanced Camera Info. You can connect within your network by simply adding a new name and IP. As simple as it could get!

imageTo configure simply

download the app (by scanning the QR code)
download client for Windows/Linux

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