Android Vs iPhone Revenue Generation For Pocket Legends Game

Android vs iOS  comparison for Pocket Legends Game  revenue yields certain hard facts regarding market revenue generated by iPhone and Android. Moreover it is declared that due to varied bases more revenue is gathered through iPhone. The credit goes to the superb qualities of iPhone competitors to Android applications.

Revenue Generation By game Marker

The applications of any sort of Android are excelling with leaps and bounds. But as far as the market of technology is concerned today, iPhone is flawless with every promising feature in it. The biggest reason behind it is the time lapse. As iPhones are in vogue since so long and the money involved in it is much distinguished in amount. May be the information is intriguing yet a lot is to told. Being an Android user , my vote goes for Android application but I don’t think they had the time yet to get improved to the level their iPhone counterparts did. An overview of first 30 days of application stores and revenue proves that Apple iPhones are going ahead than Android applications.

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