Android Kids Mode: Allow Access To Selected Apps With Lock [Xposed Framework]

We have had a number of occasions; moments where some fellow got a chance to navigate through our smart device. Not to forget, some of them ended up in apps they weren’t supposed to be. Those individuals can potentially be kids. If you are an Android user and with root or Xposed Android framework capabilities, feel free to enjoy this simple Android kids mode. Activate it with a controlled app format and give access to limited apps within smart devices.  Like we started off the article, someone somewhere has tried to sneak into your photos, read a text message or even an email. The probability is high. This application with Kids Mode is a great plus for users with rooted devices, and would definitely be worth trying. Devices can simply be shared with restrictions on device usage and connectivity, mainly applications.

Android Kids Mode

android kids mode

Senior developer and member at XDA (one of the key development platforms in the Android world) WasseemB, has contributed and written a root module called Kids Mode. The module is keen on simplicity, user can select up to three applications with a pin lock and hand over the phone to friends, colleagues, or kids (without any worries).

Work-ability of the application can be interpreted in three steps: user selects pin lock, selects applications and share the device. The user would not be able to navigate through the device, pin code would be required to do so. Users can stay within the accessible apps (3 to 8 in numbers) and enjoy the features of the restricted device.


android kids mode

What if you press the home button? or recent apps button?!. As amusing as it may sound, they are disabled. Pressing the home button would return to the application selection screen.

Moving on, in recent apps, the notification/status bar is disabled. Users with the device, can’t go anywhere without knowing the pin. Keeping in mind, this all can only be done on a rooted device with the Xposed framework.

Android Kids Mode is available for free with access to 3 apps and$2.20 gets access to 8 apps only.

To gain support and further help regarding Kids Mode, check out the XDA forum post.

Download Kids Mode Unlocker