Android market Gets Some Updates

You may be aware with the changes Google has made to Android market, a few weeks ago. Let us have a look at changes Google have made as stated:

–       Apps and games must come with a set content by developers; Mature, Teen, Pre-Teen, or All. If the App is not rated at all it will be treated as Mature.

–       Reduced purchase refund window; now you will be having only 15 minutes instead of 48 hours (Hugh) to try an application and get refund in case you are not satisfied.

–       Developers will provide the detail page in the developer console for every app, showing a 180×120 Promotional Graphic at the top

–       Market will support filtering based on screen sizes and densities, as well as on GL texture compression formats

–       Filtering is now based on and elements in an app’s manifest and not on console settings.

–       The maximum size for application packages is increasing from 25MB to 50MB.

–       Applications are now automatically added to new Live Wallpapers and Widgets categories, as appropriate.

–       Up to eight screenshots can be supplied for each app. Developers can also specify more than 2 screenshots, in several different sizes (currently 320×480, 480×800, or 480×854).

–       The maximum size of the description field for an application is raised to 4000 characters.

–       developers can also provide a 1024×500 Feature Graphic, and a 512×512 High Resolution Application Icon

Developers can take advantage of the feature “filtering by screen sizes” as it will allow them to keep their apps from showing on devices with new screen sizes and densities until they’ve had to test them. So now if they like, they can release 2 different version of an app; HD version for tablets and regular version for phones.

Android Market Changes

Hope these changes in Android market will help Google to kick bad rating apps from market as most welcomes change is the content rating as if users are allowed to filter by star rating apps.




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