Android Reboot Manager

Are you tired of pressing the power button again and again, and tapping power off, then pressing it again to boot your Android device. Finally, there is a quick widget solution to this not so great problem. Reboot Manager, home screen widget allows you to do a quick boot.

Features of this app include boot schedule, notification in status bar, silent mode on and off. According to developers and some user who have tested this app, its fast reboot. Fast in sense, that its 2.5 times faster than normal reboot done by using the power button.


Reboot type can be set as reboot, recovery, fast boot or simply power off. The app comes with a 4 by 1 widget will all the options and a settings / configuration button. Themes of this app include 3 different backgrounds and 5 colors for the icons.

Moreover, shortcuts can be added for reboot types.


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