Android Remote Control App By Grace Digital Audio

For users of Grace Digital Audio Radios, here comes exciting news- Grace Digital Audio has launched a new Android app that enables users to have complete remote control of compatible Grace Digital Audio radios. All key functions of the internet radios that Grace has been offering for longer time can be controlled through this app

Grace-Digital-Android-Remote-Control-AppGrace remote control app let Android users to control many functions and allows the following key features:

  • Turn the radio on or off
  • Increase or decrease volume
  • Selection of different channels
  • Present navigation
  • Alarm control on the radios

To use this exciting remote control app, you need a Grace Digital Audio radio. The radios can access amasses of free radio broadcasts available on the web like CNN, CBS radio, Pandora, iheartradio and many more. Remote control app for Grace Radio is available in the Android market right now and can also be downloaded for free.

[ VIA : Androidcommunity ]



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