Soon Android Will Win From Apple In Tablet War

Tablet War Between Android And iPhoneThe world of technology is on its zoom and boom. It is not incorrect to say that Android is leading from Apple in the race of tablet today by talkAndroid. History proves the words. Moreover the media justifies the same argument. We can enlist the embarking of Android against all the other companies. The ever first launched Android G1 came up in 2008. Reviewing back in summer 2009 the crunches in the iPhone market were still obvious. 1 year later the reports were showing that the Android OS had topped Apple’s iOS in the US and in many other parts of the world. It was surely done through multi faceted manufacturers bombarding the technology world with an extra force from Verizon Wireless with the Droid brand. Now the same is being done to tablets again. Last year the tug was between Samsung Galaxy Tab and Droid phone leaving dents in Apple’s share of the tablet market. Talking of the last year the crown seemed to begin favoring the Android tablets. The Android tablet software will be on its way to evolve much like the phone OS did. Assuming that by the summer there will be Android tablets available from HTC, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, Dell, and others. Sounds like the same type of manufacturer blitz that one occurred to Android phones. Android took a total span of 2 years to hit the mobile market and it is believed that lesser will be taken in case of tablet market as the history has already made the foundation. Over 60 Million Android phones were sold in 2010 throughout the world. If only those who own it go for Android tablet, the game is done. As it is much easy and effective to go that way. It is the same as people with iPhone when switched to their respective newly launched iPads. If the users are not convinced yet that Android is the better OS, they will be by the time their contract is finished.

Finally and truly it can be stated that soon Android will dominate Apple in the market of tablets and will make his win in the tablet war.


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