Aniworld Is A Fun Android Application For Your Child

Child development specialist has developed Aniworld-a fun and interactive Android application for children by the name of Aniworld and assimilates deductive methodologies based on interactive experience. The app encourages the child to proactively explore the animal kingdom and let your child learn more about animals interactively. Child of various ages can reveal different screens and capabilities proactively. There are 36 different animals in the game.

Aniworld An Android App

Each animal has the following functions to explore:


–          Animal home: The child learns about the place where animal rest or sleeps.

–          Feed me: From three different options available, child can choose the right food for the animal

–          Pet me: Pet the animal to get it murmur and once the animal is happy and excited it will surprise with funny faces

–          From birth to Adult: Life cycle of animal from birth to adulthood

Aniworld can said to be a full fledge fun application with just 1.99$  for the child to learn in an interactive environment that children will love to play for hours.




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