An Announcement Made By Shazam About Update to App

Want to share/post music on Facebook with your friends more frequently? Then you’ll be happy to know that Shazam; the music discovery app, has announced a major update for its Android App to make Shazam more social and it is free of cost. For all Facebook users the update will help a lot as Shazam is bringing ‘Facebook integration’ into the App. You can now share a song on Facebook instantly after discovering it, along with the usual buy option.

An Android App


The new feature is named as ‘Shazam Friends’ which helps you listen to and learn more about the songs your friends are tagging; as well as see which friends are already sharing their music on Shazam and invite them to join. The app will automatically track all the music files tagged on Facebook and create an up-to-date list of the songs for you. You will find the update as soon as a friend post a new music file as the feed is in real time. You can also use streaming service to play the music.

With ‘Friends Tab’ you can browse all the tags from friends, read reviews, watch videos and access artist info as well. The choice is yours, either you want to see all tags from a specific friend or tag to a friend’s playlist. The tracks you like can also be purchased.

The ‘Shazam Friends’ can be downloaded for free or you can also buy ‘Shazam Encore’ ($4.87). If you more frequently use the app and like the support for the App, then buying the App is worth as you can get unlimited access to tagging songs.



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