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If you are a CMS user like WordPress; there are plugins which serve the purpose of defining social cards. On the contrary; there is a service like It’s a unique web-based tool which allows the user to convert images into social cards which are clickable. The user can link these social cards to any web page of their choice. Above all,  these social cards can be shared on different social platforms which will help the user develop and promote their brand.

Social cards allow users to choose an image, and title with a description that displays on different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. It’s a common happening that you have posted a link on the social platform that appears with an image and the shared image doesn’t relate to the link/article being shared. This is where Social Cards come into the picture. If the user has a pre-defined social card; once posted it will show the designated link and image which has been pre-configured within the social card.

Without social cards; you will always be unsure of what image will be picked up by the social platform as default. Social cards are an important aspect of branding. Every product should have them be it a web app. It helps you develop your brand and ensure it gets out there. In this article, we take a look at Anyimage – social cards infographic.

The free plan by Anyimage allows a user to create 10 social cards with basic support. In terms of paid plans; users can enjoy a dashboard, track social cards, use custom domains and subdomains, priority support and create unlimited cards per month. Try the tool for free and see it in action for yourself – it’s very easy to use. Simply select your image by browsing the file; enter a title, description, and destination URL. Preview your image, do some final adjustments and you are set to share it as a social card on different platforms.

Here we share a unique infographic created by the team at; which highlights the problem and the solution being provided by this tool. Create social cards in seconds using Anyimage. The graphic is neat with a balanced color theme. images to social cards infographic

Social cards have turned into a need for anything to do online – be it personal or business. Anyimage does provide value in this specific space. Save time and effort by utilizing Anyimage service for social card creation.

Hope you liked this graphic and were able to get value out of this tool. Do share any other alternates to Anyimage and we would be happy to review them. Curious to see more similar apps – head out to our Social Media section.

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