App Stalker Keeps You Informed For Free And Discounted Apps

Own a BlackBerry device?  Want to get timely updates for fun and productive free Apps for your BlackBerry device?  Here comes the solution, App Stalker is an interesting application released by S4BB limited and does well what they are suppose to do. The app will notify you when any app in BlackBerry App World has moved from the paid section to free. You will also get notification for dramatically reduced prices or many Apps on sale as well. So now you don’t need to spend much time and money on scanning the BlackBerry App World to look for cool apps for your device.

App Stalker An App For BlackBerry

Install the App on your BlackBerry and get notifications for free apps or drop prices, right in the notifications bar on your App World updates.  The App enables you to switch between ‘Free Now’ and ‘Price Drop’ Apps via the tabs at the bottom of the app screen. Prices for apps drop all the time, and App Stalker is a very easy way to be notified of this special deals. So if you want to load your BlackBerry with free apps, App Stalker is the best solution. You can also mark the specific apps in App World and get notifications for those Apps only, cool enough .

App Stalker helps you save your time as you don’t have to waste your time looking at the Apps you can’t simply buy. So get App Stalker for free, sit back and get the automatic alerts for the Apps you are interested to buy. The App Stalker is compatible with most of the BlackBerry devices and free to download as well.



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