Apple iPad 2 Sales Forecast !

Apple has announced the launch of iPad 2 , and it now became more of an occasion rather than being just a product being sold. People get in line, fight, wait, sleep on road, and do whatever to get the apple’s products. The sales figures need no explanation, see the lines, quite clear evidence of love people offer to iphones and ipads. Apple aficionado Gene Munster predicted 5.5 million sales of ipad 2 in the first 3 months of its release, iphone 4 sold 8.4 million in the same time length.

Apple iPad 2 Sales Forecast

Apart from online buying going  and standing in line to get one of many versions of ipad 2 being offered is also an experience people are more willing to do but it has both possibilities like getting an ipad or going empty handed which you surely don’t want at any cost. The time for the launch is also different this time in the evening and it’s a Friday. There are news of no choice of online buying and also a limit of 2 ipads per person. The new version is slimmer, faster , stunning in look and more efficient.

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