Apple Unleashes New MacBook Air

According to Apple, the new MacBook Air is designed around all-flash storage for better response and reliability. It features a trackpad with Multi-touch support. It’s light and thin with a powerful battery. Apple recently launched two new versions of these MacBook Air laptops, being Apple’s tiniest and thinnest laptops yet. Two models of 11.6’’ and 13.3’’ which are only 0.11’ inches thin are released.

macbook air

Key features of the new MacBook Air include full flash storage, a multi-touch pad, a long-lasting battery, LED display and camera, portable performance with NVIDIA GeForce and Intel Core 2 Duo and connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, SD).

macbook air

Different models of the new MacBook Air are available for purchase in the US and are priced as follows:
11-inch (64GB) $999.00
11-inch (128GB) $1199.99
13-inch (128GB) $1299.00
13 inch (256GB) $1599.99

source: apple

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