Apple Is Working On Next Generation iPhone Models?

Apple is working on new versions of iPhone that would be in competition to the handset based on Google’ Android software, according to resources who are briefed about the plan. Apple is developing technology that makes it easier to use the iPhone on multiple wireless networks, two people said. It is trying to come up with an iPhone that will support both to CDMA and GSM networks contrarily to the current iPhone release in America that is CDMA version.

This new model will be one-third small than the current iPhone. If this point proves correct then the networks may not be very happy. A new report from Bloomberg claims that something is actually in the works and could be unveiled this summer. According to an unnamed source who spoke with Bloomberg and who claims to have seen the device it could go on sale for as little as $200 without contract and is said to be about two thirds the size of the current iPhone 4. Let’s not understate the fact that $200 off contract is dirt cheap by modern Smartphone standards, which means Apple would have to be using every scrap of its enormous economies of scale to pull that off.

[via: BloomBerg]

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