Apple’s Answer To BlackBerry Messenger (BBM): iMessage For iOS

Apple's Answer To BlackBerry Messenger (BBM): iMessage For iOS

We have been testing out iOS 5 Beta on our iPhone 4 and are pleased to announce your favorite future iPhone App. iMessage brings the bragging rights back to the iPhone arena with snappy new messaging app over hall. In iOS 5, when you click on the SMS app, called iMessage now, you can not only sms but can also communicate with anyone with an, iPad or an iPod. This is made possible by integrating BBM style capabilities into this app. The app automatically detects whether the recipient has an iOS device and if it is, the message background will turn purple, instead of green which we are accustomed to. Purple means you are connected to the recipient with an iOS device.

iMessages will enable iOS devices to communicate for free without paying SMS or picture messaging charges to your carrier.In fact, with iMessage you can send videos, files, pics and more for free. Not only this, but iOS 5 is introducing the Read Reciept feature and it will also show you when the other side is typing you a message. When you want to send messages to a non iOS device, you open iMessage and use it the same way we have been sending SMS on all the previous iOS versions. iMessage keeps track of who has iOS devices and who doesn’t so you don’t have to. One iMessage app does it all.

In our tests, we compared an iPhone 4 runnning iOS 5 beta and a BlackBerry Storm. Surprisingly, on certain occasions, iMessage had faster delivery time than BBM. This technology is proprietary on both the RIM and Apple devices so we shouldn’t expect any cross platform leap any time soon. Still, we cant wait for the iMessage to be released and see how it will effect the way WT generation communicates.

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