appMobi’s Updation Platform Is Hitting On Mobile Payments, Multimedia Push Notifications And Analytics

Web developers are now warmly welcomed to application stores and Android market. appmobi has launched the mobile application development XDK for the web developers. If ever there is any possibility to work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can now use appmobi to create an application for the iPhone, iPad and all Android smart phones and pads. You can build a robust, which will be 100% customized and fully native API-complaint mobile applications within no time.

appMobi has outrageously built its mobile application web, enhancing a solution with the addition of four new and smart mobile web services. We can have a piercing look over these emerging technological solutions. Without any delay here we see what they have got for us now.

appmobi updation

First comes the 1Touch Frictionless Payments mode. This allows for in-application purchases within applications or websites by means of a safe and sound mobile wallet on the device and a few lines of HTML code. This is highly systematic and secure way of shopping. As we have noticed that in Apple’s and Google’s solutions do for intangible products, appMobi offers the buying of physical goods. The payment processing is done through integration with payment gateways such as Authorize.Net and PayPal, and with carrier billing.

Second progress is known as pushMobi Multimedia Push Notifications. It is another effective and nutty appMobi’s solution which is supporting rich media messages with video, audio and HTML5 content. The online dashboard allows the content purveyors to drive the traffic of groups of users based on device, geography, demographics and other criteria.

Third enhanced fiesta is statMobi Mobile Analytics. It provides application developers with a complete kit of analytic tools for gauging any application usage, in both statuses; connected and disconnected. statMobi keeps on hunting metrics even if the device is offline during application use, and then sends them once the device is reconnected to internet. And this is something simply Awesome!

Finally the fourth development is of LiveUpdates OTA App Updating.  Applications are being ventured using the appMobi XDK. It can now put forward the new and updated content, features, bug fixes and versions over-the-air right away to the users’ devices, without needing an application store update. In Mobile World Congress, keeping intact appMobi has revealed MobiUs, a mobile Web browser technology that works exactly like native applications for the developers.



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